WHY Bee?

Bees are awesome!  Unfortunately  they are in big trouble.  Honeybee populations are plummeting all over the globe.  A combination of pesticides, parasites, and habitat loss have resulted in the death of an estimated 60% of colonies in the state of Wisconsin. This is not even counting other pollinators and insects of many other kinds.  We need them to pollinate, and they have the right to exist! To read more about bees, visit www.beesource.com.


WHY Kind?

Making a profit is not enough, especially at the expense of the environment or others.  I believe that it is each person's responsibility to give back to the world according to their skills.  I donate my design services to organizations that I feel make the world better.  This allows them to look great while spending their limited budget on their primary mission instead of graphic design.  Visit  CHARITIES to learn more about my two favorites.


The most important jobs are not always well paid, and the most important people are not always thanked.  I offer a significant discount to non-profit organizations as my way to say, "THANK YOU!"